Sunday, March 23, 2008

easter visitings

the following is a glimpse at my day with the family...both good and bad...

i miss potato salad

atticus enjoyed hunting for eggs, and the fact that the easter bunny brought him a transformer, he ignored the fact that there was a chocolate bunny...we could have just put the transformer. "that was a good easter bunny, he brought me a transformer"

circe does not like the fact that the plastic eggs are not in fact shaky (musical) eggs as they appear to be.

the kids looked cute in their easter clothes.

if you are 3, chocolate and jelly beans are an acceptable breakfast, oatmeal be damned!

now for the shit.....

why would you get a lollipop for a 1 year old? the ingredients read as follows "sugar, corn syrup, corn starch, less than 2% of: dextrose, EGG WHITES, mono calcium, food coloring etc. ALLERGY INFORMATION MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF PEANUTS, SOYBEANS, TREE NUTS, MILK AND WHEAT" a one year old that is allergic to 80% of that list, ok benefit of the doubt, we'd give it to atticus anyway but i doubt that was the thought.

even after i told her how to make the sweet potato's they still SUCKED

atticus was "difficult" at the dinner table, and they pressure, pressure, pressure, guilt, pressure, "leave him alone and just let him walk away, he won't have any pie if he doesn't eat. perhaps he'll eat some of the cheese" i say, dirty look, silence. he returned to eat the cheese and some ham (overcooked and dry), and later some pie.

the dog was barking from her crate and she brought atticus into their bedroom to give the dog treats and she started playing a musical catholic liturgy...i imagined she was regaling him with tales of christ on a cross, that he has risen and even with that heathen bitch of a mother he will save you, i save you. i in fact saved him with the transformer and promises of pie and chocolate.

i am, as i have suspected an afterthought (i also include circe in the afterthought). i made a lemon meringue pie, expecting as the last few visits have unfolded at dessert time that there would be something vegan (it would suck but at least there was an effort), she made pizza duche (eggs, sugar, ricotta), kristookies (cookies with eggs & cream) and coffee. as they are sitting down circe and i are in the living room playing with a bus and she asks if i maybe wanted some grapes or an apple. the verbal tyrade i wish to unloose upon her weighs as much as an actual bus if it were sitting on my tongue, i reply that i am fine, no thank you.

she pouts when we have to leave, and sends us home with all of the dessert, cheese potato's and ham.

hollow easter bunnies are not worth the mold they are formed in.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

dreams undone

ensnared by a lullaby,
slowly the stasis of the subtle snowfalls gentle rhythm calling forth
that place between death and light; a purgatory
of possibilities thought and not spoken unfold as time
standing, still waiting for the reflection
of _____; returning yet again, perennial as grass.

coursing our journey the stars tell lies;
the unknown ,with its beckoning call of echos
land ideas, stoned and martyred bound like Prometheus,
teetering on an existential ledge awaiting the Sirens call
of true loves last kiss before light,
the resurrected laborer unloosed upon the day.