Thursday, July 8, 2010

bedtime story, as told by Atticus (age 5)

Once upon a time there lived a woman named Grace, she wasn't just an ordinary woman she was a Momma. Her wonderful children were named Atticus and Circe.  They were wonderful, but did not always listen. Momma really wanted them to listen. She told Atticus and Circe to eat their food, but they didn't, she wanted them to pick up their toys but they didn't listen, she asked them to sleep in their own bedrooms, but they wouldn't.  She would ask over and over and over but they still didn't listen.  She never yelled or got mad, but her eyes would look sad.

One day Atticus and Circe were playing and a wonderful sound filled the room and a fairy appeared. Her name was Periwinkle. She was wearing a blue dress and had yellow and purple hair. She smiled and CAST A SPELL ON ATTICUS AND CIRCE! The spell was a special listening spell and all of the sudden they heard their Momma ask them to clean up their toys. ALL OF THE SUDDEN THEY WERE LISTENING. They ate their food, slept in their own beds and everyone was just as happy as can be.

A few days later the family was playing at a stream and doing the washing. Atticus and Circe were plinking rocks over a waterfall. Suddenly a Dragon and a Pirate appeared. Everyone was scared and thought the dragon was going to eat them, but it sneezed instead. Atticus was going to give the dragon a tissue but remembered the Pirate. Suddenly Periwinkle came back and sprinkled the Pirate with dust and it wasn't really a Pirate, but the Poppa free from the trolls spell. Everyone hugged and they all rode the dragon to the movie theatre.

The End.

*Transcribers Note- I give them a choice between an actual book or me telling the story. Tonight Atticus asked if he could be the storyteller. Circe insisted that if there was a fairy it had to be named Periwinkle and then interrupted when he spoke about the stream and said we had to be washing the clothes. 
I keep a notebook and a pen (gasp) on the table and for some reason decided to start writing down their sleepy sentences. These words are as Atticus said them, he thinks before going on so thankfully I was able to keep up.*

letter 1.

hello there, i'd like to say i missed you but that tense seems wonky, and would imply we were (possibly) sharing the same space/air/time; we are not, and things are amiss with missing.

i bought a carton of milk just to see if you were pictured on the side; (organic just like you) i gave the checker boy $4.49 in crumpled commerce and a bit of lint for good measure.

i only saw a cow with a Cheshire grin and remembered you were lactose intolerant.