Thursday, October 7, 2010

The too Honest Resume Cover Letter

To Whom It May Concern,

Please consider me for [the listed position] as I am
[a sad realization] completely unprepared to (re)enter the civilized working world.

In my previous life I have been an academic,
and am fluent in Eros and amore.
 I was never very good at note taking
unless you trust
my memory.
A shipping chick, sewer of soldiers,
excellent at bundling cardboard, and compartmentalizer of demons,
ghost writer, slave and doppelganger,
coat check girl and entomology assistant,

mother, wife, lover, cook, poet.
Collector of doilies, dishes and brick-brack,
a conscientious objector  to housework and order,
intellectual adulteress
and daydreamer.

One would assume, given my previous experience I would excel at multi-tasking;
sadly, it leaves me overwhelmed and uninspired.
The rewards of deconstructing the sounds of silence
while outrunning the past standing still,
motivate my chosen schedule.

I am certain, if hired I will one day disappoint you.
Once again I'll take my post as seeker for something so simple
as a "how" or a "why" while the last check clears
and i get lose change in return for my soul,